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Religion of the Brothers


Owain is a kind and benevolent god. Calm seas, good huals of fish, healing and such would be in his domain. His symbol is the Oar, minor other symbols like the ladel also refer to Owain. His day is mid-summer, white and the light blue of the sky on a clear day are his colours.

In the priesthood the majority of life vocations would be those serving Owain. This comes to about 70% of the permanent preisthood. Priests of Owain wear a small Oar broach or necklace.


Oitir is a terrible violent god. Storms, bent masts, snapped keels, broken drowned bodies, swapped homes, war and revenge are his domains. His day is mid-winter and he usually marks it with a great storm.

His symbol is the Axe. His priesthood wear an axe symbol, or wield on in battle. His permanent priesthood is small. In times of need, building a great ship, waror raids, it is swelled by temporary vocations. His axe symbol refers to both the weapon of death and tool of warship building.


Oitir and Owain found the ancestors of the Gyda elsewhere living in squalor and brought them to the land of Nickos. To do this they were brought aboard the mighty ship Eindride, which sailed across sea and sky until landing at Eindride Bay. This became the site of the Gyda's capital city Eindride Fall. Some would say that the Bay was formed by the mighty keel of the ship. The Brothers then taught the Gyda what they needed to know to survive on this new world.


Most prayer shall take the form of song. Prayers to Owain are joyous. They thank him for what he has bestowed in the past and ask for his continued belevelence. Pray to Oitir include War Chants entailling the impending destruction of enemies. But also wails and mourning for drowned sons and pityful cries asking to be spared from the dangers of the ocean.

Sacrafice is also expected; food, weapons, jewelery and in extreme cases people are fed to the sea in order to gain important blessings. A Fisherman might throw some smoked fish into the sea to ensure Owain will grant him good hauls. the Vegg might drown a load of prisoners or slaves asking Owain to help in a coming war. If a Gyda is about to go on a long voyage he should scarfice something so that the Brother's are impressed and happy with him.


Those Gyda who have lived good lives, can expect a place in Gyda heaven. Gyda heaven is on the mighty ship Eindride. On board they get to sail about for eternity across sea and sky, the food's good, drink free flowing, friends and lovers plentiful. Basically once you join the Brothers onboard Eindride everythink is a nice as it possibly could be.

Every Mid-Winters night the Brothers come along and pick up the souls of those worthy few who have died in the last year. Those who were unworthy but not entirely bad are left on the world to be re-born so they can try again. Those who are down-right bad nasty and un-Gyda like are sucked down to the deepest coldest part of the ocean where they are contained in dispair and lonelyness forever.

Its a bad idea to be about to much on Mid-Winter encase your picked up by mistake. Stow aways are not treated kindly. Much better to stick in your hut or ship and remember the dead. If you've had a death in he family its a good idea to light a signal fire to speed's Eindride's collection of your loved one.

Naughty and Nice

Good Gyda don't kill other Gyda without extreme provication. They listen to and do what the preists say. They pray and scarifice to the brothers. Theft and laviness are also looked down on. Gyda most also care for all their children, however monogamy is not expected.


Priests of Owain are know as the Kol, priests of Oitir the Vegg. Collectively the priests are called the Kolvegg.


No temple to just Owain or Oitir singularily is permitted. Temples must honour both Brothers jointly. Personnal shrines to either or both of the Brothers are allowed.

The primary feature of all temples will be four great columns. Two shall be dark and known as the arms of Oitir, the other two light, the arms of Owain. Simple temples would use 4 great trunks leaning into a central point. Kinda like a pyramid with just the corner edges. On top of the central point would be the Symbol, or in the greatest temple the Amulet. Between the posts should be a pool of blessed water. [an error occurred while processing this directive]